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Listen to what people had to say about Kapital Kidvention 

A top notch convention. I particularly loved the diversity of the presenters and the blend of entertainers. Joining magicians and clowns with twisters and face painters just brought fabulous new energy and new ideas.
Annette Abramson

Kapital Kidvention is a MUST for any family entertainer.
The Insanity Factor
Michelle and Tait

If you want to take your entertaining to the next level, then you need to attend Kapital Kidvention. Classes are advanced enough for the full time pro to gain valuable knowledge.
Margaret Clauder
writer for Funny Paper


Kidvention presented a perfect balance of a variety of art forms by some of the best-qualified instructors in the business. Lots of valuable information not available at other events of this type.
Marcela Murad


If you're a family variety artist, you should be at Kapital Kidvention. Register before they realize they should be charging thousands of dollars for this information.
Tim Sonefelt


All I can say is WOW! I came to Kapital Kidvention with high expectations and I must say, every one of them was either met or exceeded. The openness of the speakers and everyone here was incredible. For those of you that missed it...Shame on you. My children's entertainment business will THRIVE this year as a direct result of the things I learned from Kidvention. Be SURE not to miss the next one.
Adam Tarbox


I was hesitant and totally skeptical from the start to even start my car to show up at all! I was an almost no-show! But from the moment Kerry Ann Smith started with face paint techniques and the business aspects to the very end, I was nothing short of captivated! I am now equipped with what I know to multiply my business! My proof will be in my growth!
Bruce Barrett


The Kapital Kidvention was a great mixture of talents to help me move forward in business and performance skills. A great investment in my time and money!
Kevie"Hubba Bubba"Penny


Outstanding and well organized convention from start to finish. A great blend of fun, education and motivation. I'll be back next year.
Ken Northridge


This is the BEST Mid Atlantic conference, do it again so more entertainers can share this terrific experience.
Dick Stohr


Kapital Kidvention is going to be the next great convention that will take you to your next level of entertaining. Very organized and professional. And it doesn't dwell on one aspect of entertaining, it hits them all right on the head. I highly recommend it.
Julie Varholdt


The amount of great information presented was almost overwhelming. It will likely take me all year (until next Kidvention) to process and incorporate all the concepts I learned.
J.C. Johns


I arrived at Kapital Kidvention with high expectations, which were surpassed! The presenters were top notch. I left with loads of practical information and the tools I need to bring my act to the next level. Kapital Kidvention 2010 was truly inspiring. Thank you, Louis & Lynn.
Vera Gabriel


I felt like it taught me some new things to try at my next event. Meeting and networking with other people in the entertainment business meant a lot to me. Overall it was a good sharing experience.
Flo Brice


Do want a different and full of information from personal experience? Go to the Kapital Kidvention and become enlightened.


The first annual Kapital Kidvention was great! I learned new techniques for face painting and am super motivated to run a more successful business. The instructors and key note speakers were top notched. This was a very well run event with friendly staff/volunteers. It has already paid for itself and I look forward to next years Kapital Kidvention!
Laura Betz 


Not only was Kidvention fun, it was great for my business!
-David Garrity


Louis did a wonderful job putting together a convention with outstanding talent. I signed up for next year before I left this year!
Rob Westcott


This Kidvention was exactly what I needed to get my business off the ground. I have a lot of excellent, concrete steps that I am going to take because I attended this year. And I loved meeting other entertainers from around my location! I have a ton of new friends and not just those from my "discipline". Thank you!
~Michelle Heffner


I am very disappointed to say that I was not able to stay for the entire convention. Being primarily a facepainter, and a novice balloon twister, I originally thought this convention would not be for me. Bringing together entertainers, magicians, facepainters and balloon artists was a phenomenal learning experience. The chance to be able to learn from professionals in other parts of the industry opened new opportunities for me for growth and insight into my business. This isn't even mentioning the wonderful and welcoming people from the attendees to the presenters and the dealers. I don't think I stopped laughing during most of my stay...
Thank you for a wonderful convention, and KUDOS to you!
Karen Dinan


One of the most well-rounded conventions I attended. The break-out sessions were just perfect for your individual craft. The instructors were top-notch!! I learned more in 2 1/2 days at Kapital Kidvention than I had at other conventions which lasted twice as long. Would definitely recommend to any entertainer who works with children!
Jen Northridge


I would say it was not your average clown convention. It was much broader - a lot of good business ideas and really cranked up the creativity factor.
Donna Skinner


1st Kapital Kidvention January 2010 - Magicians, Face Painters, Clowns, Balloon Artists, OH MY!!! Just the BEST SPEAKERS possible, presenting the MOST PRACTICAL IDEAS, in an INTIMATE & FUN environment! When I apply what I learned these past few days, the "GRASS WILL BE GREENER ON MY SIDE" TOO! My business will definitely rachet-up several notches.
Michael "BoZ" BoZniak, Lawn Gylan, Nu Yawk


Kapital Kidvention is a great convention for networking and learning. Many of the attendees are professional entertainers and the instructors are available to answer questions during the whole convention. It was great to have a convention that covered all my interests: clowning, magic, face painting and puppetry.


By attending the First Kapital Kidvention I took a chance on the unknown and I'm very glad I did. This event was packed with some of the very best family entertainers in the world and that was just the audience. The lecturers were full time professionals who were engaging, entertaining and educational. I will certainly return and I highly recommend that anyone who entertains kids and their adults make plans to attend The Kapital Kidvention.
Dal Sanders


Kapital Kidvention gave me the push i needed to boost my confidence during this recession period for entertainers. It helped me to grow my skill sets and market my vocation in different ways.
Sylvia Lett aka Streamer Da Clown


If you consider yourself a performing artist or a creative, then by definition you must expose yourself to new ideas, concepts, and visions. I can think of no better way to do that while still supporting your core professional development goals than to attend Kidvention.
Julian Franklin


Everyone that I know in this business has heard how much I enjoyed myself. It was one of the best conventions I have ever been to, and I have been to many, many of them. Hope next year to take the other ones that work for me in our party business. Really if you want to learn more how to make your parties have that special kick go next year to this convention. You will love it.
Carol Cooper aka NanaBelle


It was a very educational experience with a group of people that felt like an extended family by the time we left. I laughed, I cried, I learned so much, it was incredible!
Gladys "GG" Siebert


What a great way to bring magicians, clowns, vents, and face painters together in one convention. I made new friends and learned more about other art forms.
Mike Brezler


I learned so much. I learned about the business side of my business, which I really hadn't given enough thought and attention to. I really improved my craft and shared ideas with many great people in the children entertainment business. It was well worth my time and money. Thank you.
Barb Scheeler


Kapital Kidvention opened my eyes to new possibilities because I learned from the best in the business! --- Da Bugg! (Scott McDonald www.buggler.net)


Kapital Kidvention was one the the best conferences I have ever attended. Louis Meyer did an amazing job organizing this event and remained very cool and professional throughout the entire conference. His selection of presenters and classes were exceptional. I look forward to attending future Kapital Kidventions.
Lorain Myer
AKA Snookums the Clown


If you plan to keep it the same size in future years, I think the biggest advantage is that. Having the easy access and camaraderie with the presenters between session and during the jams is a special experience that the larger conventions can't offer. Also, everyone was SOOOOOO friendly. The spirit of the conference was wonderful. It's a great conference for those who want an "in" with the local children’s' entertainment community as well as easy access to your world-class presenters.
Maggie Spaloss


This is the best convention that I have attended in a very long time. This convention is a "Must Attend" for all part time & full time kid entertainers.
Pravin Ponnuri


I was excited about the convention before it started and was not disappointed. The best convention that I have attended in eighteen years of clowning. I loved everything about it.
Janet Hildebrandt (Cha Cha The Clown)


By far the friendliest, most personable conference.


This is one of the best conventions that I've ever attended. The staff was great, the people nice, and what I learned was just what I needed to take my business to the next step. There is enough variety so almost everyone should have a great experience. For a first time convention, Louis did a phenominal job with it, and went above and beyond on several occasions to make sure everyone had a great time. I learned so much, that I'm not even questioning attending next year. See you in 2011.
Ryan Lavallee


This convention would be extremely useful to anyone looking to improve their presentation and execution of their performance. In addition, the advice from busy professionals on the management and techniques to increase your business is invaluable.
Arnie Fuoco


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