Kapital Kidvention 2011 DVD set

14 DVDs total, 24 hours total!!

John Carlson- Big Birthday Party Business-90 minutes

John is the author of "Big Birthday Party Business". His lecture will help you earn your PHD as a birthday party performer. John consistently earns over $100,000 a year as a birthday party performer. Whether you are new to the birthday party business or a seasoned veteran, John will teach you techniques that help fill your weekend schedule all year long. Can you imagine doing between 6-10 shows every weekend and being so busy that your competition will cry? Don't miss this lecture!


Wolfe Brothers- Dragon Art – 2 hours

Join the twins and explore the world of Dragon face art. Asian and European Dragons will be studied as well as Aphiteres, Wyverns, Sea Serpents, Sea Orcs, Wyrms and Dragon Skeletons. Cheek art and full face designs are included and will be simplified for quick execution. Bring your cameras and your sense of humor.


Lynn Cole – Face Painting Secrets-90 minutes

Valuable Tips You Probably Won't Find In A Book:

Entertaining Your Customers While Painting

Volume Face Painting

Tips for closing the line effectively

Pay per face- how to make the most money

Dealing with squirmy kids

Dealing with autistic kids

And more!

These are tips that I learned through hard experience and want to share to make our jobs easier, more efficient and more profitable.


Eric Henning- "A Dime A Dozen? How To Go From Usual To Unique"-90 minutes

The average person thinks that all clowns, balloon artists, face painters and ESPECIALLY magicians are interchangeable. This drives down prices and makes it harder to get gigs.  Speaking from his experiences in two highly competitive careers, finance and show business, Eric shows you how to attack this problem.
Using examples from great entertainers of the past and present, he shows how (and how NOT) to make your act unique and communicate that fact to your target market.  You will leave with ideas and skills you can use right away to improve both your show AND your business.


Terra Fender- The Business of Entertainment-60 minutes

Terra shares her simple strategies for growing your business. Closing sales, getting the right person on the phone, cold contact, planning, scheduling and filling your calendar are discussed. Topics include: Never underestimate the power of Facebook, having a day to day plan, How to get business without trying, Doing one thing for your business every day and becoming an expert. Be prepared to discuss and share your favorite tip with the group.


David Ginn- Comedy Kidshow Magic-90 minutes

Easy magic to get your audience laughing and enjoying what you do. Also some magic to music that requires no talking, just lots of personality. Everything colorful and fun, perfect for children or family audiences. Don’t miss the BIG DAWG in this educational David Ginn lecture!


Ken Scott – Library shows 101- 90 minutes

Fill your summer with library shows. In this workshop you will learn routines and marketing strategies that will keep your summer booked. Ken Scott has over 18 years of professional experience performing over 90 shows each and every summer at local libraries. Whether you are a magician, clown, face painter, or family entertainer you will take away tons of useful information from this informative workshop.


Tim Sonefelt-Anatomy of a Routine-2 hours

You can create entertaining routines that put you in world class company. Tim's routines are used by pros the world over and he will teach you how to create your own.  Learn how he structures a routine based on the anatomy of the human body. All routines must have the essential parts: skeleton, muscle, skin, fingers & toes, brain, smile, funny bone and a heart. Learn from real world examples how to create your own routines, as well as making your existing ones even better.


David Farr – Click Send, Book Shows!-2 hours

David Farr will be covering what he knows best, email database marketing. You'll discover that there are only two types of email marketing and you'll learn which one is best for you and your business. David will take us through an entire email marketing campaign and dissect it inch by inch so we can all understand the thinking behind the madness. If you're a newbie to online and email marketing, you don't want to miss this. Even if you've been around the block, David will also be revealing some very advanced strategies as well that any business can use to profit and succeed online.


Kennedy - Social Media-90 minutes

We wanted to bring you something truly special this year at Kidvention and so we're flying this young man in all the way from the UK, specially to speak to you.
In his 'not for the faint of heart' presentation, Kennedy will be sharing THE most incredible strategies for getting more bookings online.
You're going to hear straight from the horse's mouth about how he uses the likes of Twitter and Facebook to get booked to perform for the likes of Yahoo! Mars, Mensa and celebrity parties’ right around the world.  You're going to absolutely love what this guy does!


Brady Neher- Turning people into caricatures of themselves-2 hours

See Brady in his first teaching workshop!  Using the big eyes that I like to do, these can be done in 5 to 8 minutes, depending on how much detail you want to add, and how fast you can paint.  As I said, I like to take my time. These are good at festivals when you are being paid by the face and not by the hour.


The Great Zucchini- Performing for 3 and 4 Year Olds-2 hours

The Great Zucchini will show you how to not try to fool a 3 year old, but win their trust so that they are laughing with you in less than 5 seconds. How to keep the kids enthralled, with tricks you might already be doing, but haven't quite seen the difference that a 4 year old has a completely different sense of humor than everyone else. I will show you that preschoolers have awesome attention spans if you do things they are into. I will teach you how to have small kids remember your name, brand yourself, and the kids will be talking about you all year. Remember, I no longer advertise. Belly laughing fun is a ball for young kids, and your show can be just that. I've been doing this along time and I can't wait to speak at my first conference.  VOTED "BEST LECTURE OF KIDVENTION"


Dal Sanders- Real Life Magic-2 hours

Dal’s lecture at the Kapital Kidvention 2011 will reflect his broad range of experience and should offer something for everyone who performs magic for families either full time, occasionally, casually or just for fun. He will present routines for school shows, holidays, stage and even impromptu situations. Even the “Pure Sleight of Hand” artists will enjoy his “Watch Steal in Five Steps.” The magic he demonstrates in the lecture is also the magic he performs in real life. Dal Sanders will hold nothing back.


Terra Fender – Speed Painting for Fun and Profit-2 hours

Based on ten years of festival experience Terra shares her tips for increasing your "FPH"™ (faces per hour). Topics include; efficient setup, offering faces that allow for easy customization, signage - how it can help or hurt you, and questions that help speed up that decision in the chair. This class is sure to boost your speed, confidence and profitability. (Emphasis on "Pay per face" events. Come prepared to discuss as a group, and bring photos of your booth and setup.)


Kapital Kidvention 2010 DVD Set $150

See what happened at Kapital Kidvention 2010!  15 DVDs in all!!!  You can see an un-edited look at what these teachers presented at the first Kidvention.  You will see their lecture/classes in their entirety.  You will bring your own business to the next level and beyond by watching these DVDs.  Look at what you will be receiving:

Louis Meyer- Goals and Time Management for Entertainers-45 Minutes
Louis believes that all goals can be achieved with solid goal preparation and time management skills. His opening lecture will help attendees start the Kidvention off with the skills needed to benefit from the rest of the lectures.

Leon McBryde- How to Win the Hearts of your Audience-50 Minutes
A look at your audience with "new eyes". How to be a performer / entertainer - not just a clown or magician.

Kitty Kuhr- Costuming- 50 Minutes
How to put together a look from basic design to accessories. Construction techniques and ideas for shopping for parts will help you pull it all together.

Brad Ross- The Grass is Greener on MY Side- 90 Minutes
Join International Star Illusionist & Cutting Edge Marketer, Brad Ross for an in depth look into your business and life as an entrepreneurial entertainer. Ross will share insider information to transform you from a simple goal SETTER to a superstar goal DOER. This presentation is guaranteed to get you fired up, motivated and ready to take massive action: the Secret to Success.

Jim Snack - Smart Business for Family Entertainers-90 Minutes

Marcela Murad - Most Popular Designs-90 Minutes
Based on her 30 years experience as a face painter and back from working the Alaskan State Fair, in this class Marcela shares the most popular and requested faces for children of all ages. From the ever popular Spiderman to the new fairy eyes designs, this class is sure to inspire you and spark your creativity.

Julian Franklin - Kid Control-75 Minutes
If you've ever had a "bad" audience, a disruptive child, a difficult "helper," a problematic audience member, or a kid who just wouldn't shut up, you simply can't afford to miss this lecture. Even seasoned pros will learn some fun, simple new methods of having the audience in the palm of your hand like a remote control.

Jolly Roger - Games and Entertainment: The Icing on the Cake-90 Minutes
World famous children’s entertainer, Jolly Roger, will inspire you to think out of the box, and add a new and powerful option for your birthday party clients. Your birthday party business will rise to new, exciting, and lucrative levels with the 2-hour party package!

Arthur Stead - Give your Act a Music Makeover-60 Minutes
Grammy Award winner Arthur Stead reveals movie music secrets to elevate and energize your shows. Get amazing audience response by adding impact, emotional depth, and professional polish to your act ... with a music makeover!

Tommy Johns - Generating Summer Income-90 Minutes
Tommy will be sharing one of his favorite methods for generating summer income and tons of year-round referral, repeat, and spin-off business. What’s great about this business model is that it can be adapted to work for almost any type of children's entertainer!

Chris Capehart - The Family, Street and Performance Lecture-90 Minutes
Making Chris’ performance style for family and street magic work for you.

Bob "Bunky" Gretton - Taking your Clown to the Next Level-90 Minutes
So, are you ready for the next step "up" in your clowning? Whether you have been clowning for many years or have just begun, this class challenges you to make the next step in performance, venue, appearance, change, etc.
Harry Allen – How to be a Showman
Join Harry as he shows you how to add comedy and showmanship to your act.  He teaches all of this while performing his own magic.

James Munton - From Zero to Booked Solid in Just 30 Days!-2 Hours
You will receive a detailed, easy-to-follow, daily action plan that explains step-by-step how you too can rapidly increase your bookings. James will show how spending just one hour a day on marketing your business will snowball into an explosion of new bookings! You will receive a detailed, easy-to-follow, daily action plan that explains step-by-step how you too can enjoy an explosion of new bookings!

Julian Franklin - Blue Skies-60 minutes
Stop being "busy" and start being productive. This lecture was the perfect ending for Kapital Kidvention.  If you have ever been asked " did you ever get into this business"  then you must watch this lecture and see his answer. Julian has promised to share some of what he covered in his $2,500 per person, 4-day school show workshop. Don't miss this!


Because of the topics covered and because of the nature of DVDs there will be no refunds, only exchanges. 



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